The Main Thing About Patient Care

For all my pre-meds out there, you probably already know about the importance of having patient care experience before going into medicine. It’s required that you have some patient care experience under your belt before applying to pretty much any medical school. The one thing that and health professional school you’re applying for wants to see from your patient care experience is if you can … Continue reading The Main Thing About Patient Care

Watamote Gifs That Every Pre-Med Can Relate To

Ah yes, Watamote. For those who don’t know what that is, Watamote is a 12-episode, one-season anime series about an unpopular girl name Tomoko Kuroki who tries hilarious and often very weird tactics in a desperate attempt to become popular, but always ends up embarrassing herself. Watamote, the title, is Japanese slang for an unpopular girl, or loser. This anime happens to be one of … Continue reading Watamote Gifs That Every Pre-Med Can Relate To

Types Of Pre-Meds

The Mad Scientist The lab is their natural habitat. They never leave the lab unless they’re hunting for food or seeking medical help. They do absolutely nothing but research. All day, it’s pipetting, PCRing, and occasional fires. Speaking of occasional fires, this pre-med is most likely one more unsupervised burner away from getting kicked out of the lab again. For good this time. But hey, … Continue reading Types Of Pre-Meds


Konnichiwa, Pre-Med Kohai! Today, we’re going to talk about… failure. Failure comes in different aspects – academic, personal, and relationships etc. and let’s face it; we’ve all had our share of failures in life. It seems as though a LOT of college students, especially pre-meds, are afraid to fail. Even I am afraid to fail (academically). Let me tell you this: it’s okay to fail. … Continue reading Failure